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Marcucci and Foden families donate to twin-pad arena and library project

The Town of Wasaga Beach is pleased to announce the Marcucci and Foden families have donated $25,000 to the twin-pad arena and library fundraising campaign.

“On behalf of council and staff, I thank these families for this generous gift. This contribution is greatly appreciated and will touch local lives for many years to come,” Mayor Nina Bifolchi said.

The children’s program room in the library will be the Sarah Foden and Dora Marcucci Room in recognition of the financial support.

Peter Marcucci and his wife, Jody, full-time residents of Wasaga Beach since 2016, said the donation is in memory of their mothers, Dora Marcucci and Sarah Foden.

“They were both doting grandmothers who loved spending time with their grandchildren, cooking, baking, doing crafts, and reading. We are pleased to honour their memory by donating in support of the children’s program room,” the couple said.

The families have longstanding ties to the community.

Peter Marcucci said his parents, Dora and Frank Marcucci, started cottaging at Allenwood Beach in 1971. In partnership with other family members, they owned and operated Bo’s Cottages at Allenwood throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Wasaga has always served as a place for the family to gather each summer.

Peter Marcucci said his in-laws, Ed and Sarah Foden, retired to Wasaga Beach in 1994. He noted his mother-in-law enjoyed using the Wasaga Beach Public Library during her lifetime. Ed and Sarah’s other daughter, Lisa Foden, has lived in the beach since 2012.

Peter said the new twin-pad arena and library will be a great meeting place for people as our community continues to grow.

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