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Local hockey players featured as finalists in Respect In Sport essay contest

Recently two Wasaga Beach youth were featured as finalists in the 8th annual Ontario Minor Hockey Association essay contest. This year’s theme was ‘Why I’m Excited Hockey Is Back’.

The contest was created to engage young players in to explore and enjoy writing while encouraging them to express their thoughts on what life skills they learn from playing hockey.

One of the finalists Jazper Zajac wanted to share his contest entry with the community to help raise awareness for the importance of team sports in building healthy strong children and communities.

Why am I excited that hockey is back?

It’s putting my gear in the pack.
Then after a game I’ll pat my teammates on the back.

I am excited to help a teammate score a goal
just to make a happy soul.

All fired up to pass in front of the opponent’s net
so there will be a goal that we will get.

I will help my team shoot and score
to keep them energized to keep going for more.

On the bench I will keep my team’s spirits up
with fist pumps that give us good luck.

As a Captain I will be ready to help my team enjoy the game
as we play like a burning fiery flame.

A Captain excited to watch my team fly on the ice
and when they score it’s extremely nice.

Eager to approach the opponent’s net
and score with any shot I’ll get.

After the game we get off the bench
and then we go to the goalie that we will clench.

If we get licked
we say congrats by clapping our sticks.

In the change room we’ll cheer and yell
because of a fun day that went extremely well.

A Captain’s job is never done
My teammates are always so much fun!

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